In his quest to further improve social and economic conditions in Jordan, reduce regional disparities, provide jobs, and establish the Kingdom as a regional business hub and the benchmark of a tolerant and progressive Muslim nation, His Majesty King Abdullah II set in place an ambitious vision for the future of his country that seeks to leverage Jordan’s major assets in attracting investors and tourists, and instituting an investment climate conducive to business and entrepreneurship.

Ma'an Development Company in collaboration with Orange Jordan Telecom Group opens a Playground in King Abdullah II Bin Al-Hussein Park
The Ma’an Development Area (MDA), an area of approximately 9 km² consisting of four complementary components, is set to become a regional hub for industrial activity and a centre of excellence for vocational training in Jordan. MDA will also be home to a thriving and self-sustained city providing its residents and visitors with a quality living and working environment to fulfill their potential, as well as a religious landmark for pilgrims on their way to the Holy Cities, offering them the ideal environment for their rest, relaxation and prayer.